Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Breaking the Block

The only thing scarier than sitting down to write is NOT sitting down to write.

After four years of floundering through a creative vacuum, where having a job seemed more critical than coughing up what ever spurts of creativity would provide--a sort of creative spatter cone approach-- I've refocused, revamped the web-site, ellenmorrisbishop.com, started TERRANES, an LLC to do photography and interpretive work, replaced Canon gear with Nikon, and prepared to leap once again into the creative fray. (Not that working for the PaleoLands Institute wasn't creative--it was just creative in a single direction.) Overcoming resistance requires replacing distraction, excuses, and instant gratification with focus and perseverance. I think I've made the leap.

In this rebirth, there's a more visual person, focused on photography first, the Earth's legacies second, and writing as a way to convey and refine the stories of landscapes. I'll share thoughts on how images can help convey both process and history. I'll post at least once each week.

There will also be a place for dogs. (We need some levity, no? And dogs can be, as Harry Ward Beecher noted, the gods of frolic.)



Blogger Dana Hunter said...

I'd given up hope you'd update the blog! Then I find out I missed it! If you've got the time, I'd love to see you blog more. If not, at least I know you're on the creative path again and there just might be a book on the way (pleaseohpleaseohplease!). Happiness!

Best of luck, and may the Muse stay with you!

July 17, 2011 at 3:54 PM  

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