Saturday, December 27, 2008


Now that I've started this blog, the sensible thing seems to have more people read it. My first, naive assumption was that I would blog, and the world would flock to my door. Well, the coffee's on, and I'm still waiting.

What I am discovering, much to my horror and astonishment--and perhaps wonderment too--is that the world is a lot more connected than I ever imagined--but that getting connected, as in the days of yore (that would be about 1990) -- still requires effort.

But I'm getting there.

In one swell foop yesterday I discovered Facebook, FeedBurner, and Picassa. I now have a Facebook page (With, might I add, FIVE friends!). Soon you'll see the results of bigger, better blog delivery, courtesy of FeedBurner, as soon as I figure out which RSS service will work best. My photos are getting spread all over the web like cheap spaghetti sauce on a two-year-old's face. I'm sure there's more websites to enhance connectivity. Just let me work out these, get giddily back on my feet, and I'll be working the connectivity angle again.

There are surprises in this connection bit, discoveries of part of your past that loom like ancestral DNA. In my case, it's discovering two childhood schoolmates who at the time seemed like the last people on the planet who might adopt technology or have a clue what it was.

But type in Thomaston High School on Facebook, and there they were. Both left school before graduation. One because of boredom perhaps combined with economic needs and the other because of an ill-timed pregnancy. But there THEY were on Facebook, large as life.

The people who weren't available, or who wouldn't admit to their connection with Thomaston, were the ones seemingly bound for success. And maybe they were, with no looking back. Or maybe they have already moved on to a higher plane of Internet consciousness.

I'm looking forward to hearing back from these two. I bet their adventures in life top their better-heeled classmates. If not, they should.

So, on to more connections. Social websites, RSS feeds, Pingshot, BuzzBoost, and FeedFlare.

Who knows what other lost souls have been resurrected in cyberspace. The exploration continues!


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